High Contrast / Bleached Colour

Select "High Contrast / Bleached Colour" for a print that has high impact with minimal colour, a real Urban look with a 4x5 film border.

High Key

Select "High Key" for a print that has soft light colours fading to white edges with no borders.

Soft Black & White

Select "Soft Black & White" for a natural looking warm creamy toned black and white print with a dark grungy border.

Soft and Creamy

Select "Soft and Creamy" for a natural looking coloured print with soft creamy tones and a rough white border.

Old Paper Faded

Select "Old Paper Faded" for colours and light scratches that only come with time and a dark fine border.

Aged Black and White

Select "Aged Black and White" for a warm dark aged looking black and white print with a crisp white border.

Antique Brocade

Select "Antique Brocade" for a warm toned colour print with antique brocade texture and aged stained border.

Cracked Paint

Select "Cracked Paint" for a warm toned colour print with cracked paint texture and a dark and light gruny border.

Split Tone with Light Leak

Select "Split Tone with Light Leak" for a print that has split tone colours and light leak damaged with mottled texture and grungy dark border.

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