Print Ready File

When you select "Print Ready" we will print your file as supplied. There will be no adjustments or review by our Print Maker.

Print Maker's File Tweak - $10

Is for the artist who wants to do their own editing, but still wants the Print Maker to look at their image before it is printed and "tweak" it to optimize the global tone, contrast, and colour - ensuring their print has maximum visual impact.

Borders - Inc. with Colour & B/W Edits

You can add a Border at no extra charge when you select a Colour or Black & White Edit. Give your art a finished look.

Natural Colour File Edits - $15

Are for the discerning artist who knows how important it is to make the right impression with high end colour editing. Have a look...

Black & White File Edits - $15

Are for the discerning artist who knows how important it is to get the best from high end black and white editing. Have a look...

Creative File Edits - $35

Are for the artist who wants to take their work to the next level, without spending all their time in front of the computer.

Retouching & Postproduction

It goes without saying that good photographers do everything in camera, but the wise and commercially savvy know that good postproduction combined with great camera skills is practical and profitable.

Reproduction Files & Proofing

Is for the Artist that wants to do Limited Edition print runs of their original art and needs a high quality Reproduction File made that will maintain the integrity of the original art. This service is done personally by the Print Maker.

Digital & Multimedia Fine Art Printing

Is for the Artist who knows that today art is no longer bound by set genres and that artistic story telling can be told better cross more than one discipline. The possibilities are endless.

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